Women's smallbore overall winners
Women’s smallbore overall winners.

By Brittany Nelson, USAS Comms and PR manager

Over three hundred athletes from 45 different states competed at the 2022 National Junior Olympic Rifle Championships in Hillsdale, Michigan, May 12-15.

“Running this event is truly a team effort,” said Breanne Orey, match director and manager of events and membership. “The support of Hillsdale College, the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the NCAA, and North Carolina University made it possible.”

After three days of competition, a total of 47 medals were awarded to the top three athletes in each age category for both disciplines. The top three overall winners were also named to the National Rifle Futures Team.

Finals were hosted for the top eight men and women of each discipline. The overall winners for Men’s Air Rifle are Scott Rockett in first, Gavin Perkowski in second, and Rylan Kissell in third. The overall winners for Women’s Air Rifle are Kristen Derting in first, Lauren Hurley in second, and Clarissa Layland in third.

“I have worked hard this season to increase my scores in both disciplines, so I am very pleased to have made it on the podium,” said Hurley, who also won silver in smallbore. “Making the futures team is a major step in my shooting career.”

In smallbore, the women’s overall winners are Cecelia Ossi in first; Lauren Hurley in second; and Natalie Perrin in third. The men’s overall winners for smallbore are Matt Sanchez in first; Derek Keiser in second; and Rylan Kissell in third.

men's smallbore overall winners
Men’s smallbore overall winners

“Once I secured the bronze spot, I thought ‘why not shoot for gold,’” said Sanchez. “It ended up being a fight, but I am proud of myself and thankful for the experience.”

The overall winners for R4 – 10m Mixed Air Rifle Standing SH2 category are Ben Hays, gold; Sidney Knight, silver; and Wyatt Rollman, bronze. In R5 – 10m Mixed Air Rifle Prone SH2 category, the overall winners are Ben Hays, gold Ella Murray, silver; and Sidney Knight, bronze.

Abhinav Sharath took home gold in the under 15 age group of R5 and Wyatt Rollman earned gold in the under 18 age group of R5. In the under 15 age group of R4, Jadon Nafziger earned gold; Ella Murray took home silver; and Abhinav Sharath earned bronze.

Men’s Smallbore medalists for under 15 are Jackson Wall, gold; Micah Waguespack, silver; and Joshua Poole, bronze. Men’s smallbore under 18 medalists are Griffin Lake, gold; Braden Peiser, silver; and Tyler Wee, bronze.

Women’s Smallbore medalists for under 15 are Makenzie Larson, gold; Briley Sralla, silver; and Hannah Dufresne, bronze. Women’s smallbore under 18 medalists are Elijah Spencer, gold; Gracie Dinh, silver; and Emme Walrath, bronze.

2022 National Rifle Junior Olympics
2022 National Rifle Junior Olympics

In the air rifle discipline, the medalists for men’s under 15 are Micah Waguespack, gold; Parker Sullivan, silver; and Everett Smith, bronze. For men’s under 18, the top three are Dylan Gregory, gold; Tyler Wee, silver; and Griffin Lake, bronze.

In Women’s Air Rifle, medalists for under 15 are Briley Sralla, gold; Shannon Moriarty, silver; and Anoushka Misra, bronze. Medalists for under 18 are Emme Walrath, gold, Elijah Spencer, silver, and Rachael Charles, bronze.

View photos of the event here.

Up next for athletes is the Rifle Nationals, June 16-26, at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.